Cyber Security Lunch Talk in Indonesia

Join us for an insightful lunch talk dedicated to addressing the critical topic of cybersecurity in the modern business landscape. With the increasing reliance on digital technologies, protecting sensitive information and assets from cyber threats is more important than ever.

Talk Objectives:

  1. Understanding Cyber Threats:
    Explore common cyber threats and vulnerabilities facing organizations and individuals in today’s digital environment.
  2. Importance of Cyber Hygiene:
    Learn about best practices for maintaining good cyber hygiene to minimize the risk of cyber attacks and data breaches.
  3. Securing Networks and Devices:
    Discover strategies for securing networks, endpoints, and other digital assets against cyber threats.
  4. Implementing Strong Authentication:
    Explore the importance of strong authentication methods, such as multi-factor authentication, in enhancing security.
  5. Understanding Data Protection:
    Learn about data protection principles and regulations aimed at safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access or disclosure.
  6. Responding to Security Incidents:
    Develop incident response plans and procedures to effectively mitigate and respond to security incidents and breaches.
  7. Educating Employees:
    Understand the role of employee awareness and training in promoting a culture of cybersecurity within the organization.
  8. Continuous Monitoring and Improvement:
    Explore methods for continuously monitoring and improving cybersecurity measures to adapt to evolving threats.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of cybersecurity best practices and strengthen your organization’s defenses against cyber threats. Join us for an engaging discussion that will empower you to take proactive steps towards ensuring a secure digital environment.

More Information:

Duration: 90 minutes

Fees: $1899.97 USD 1,019.96

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