Giving and Receiving Feedback Lunchtime Talk in Indonesia

Effective feedback is essential for personal and professional growth. Join us for an enlightening lunchtime talk focused on mastering the art of giving and receiving feedback in the Indonesian workplace. This session aims to equip you with valuable skills and insights to provide constructive feedback, engage in productive conversations, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Talk Objectives:

  1. Understanding the Value of Feedback:
    Recognize the importance of feedback in driving individual and organizational growth and development.
  2. Mastering Feedback Delivery:
    Learn strategies and techniques for delivering feedback effectively, including being specific, objective, and empathetic.
  3. Receiving Feedback Gracefully:
    Develop the ability to receive feedback with openness, humility, and a growth mindset, regardless of its nature.
  4. Creating a Feedback Culture:
    Explore ways to cultivate a culture where feedback is welcomed, encouraged, and seen as a tool for improvement.
  5. Building Trust and Psychological Safety:
    Understand how trust and psychological safety contribute to effective feedback exchanges and create an environment where individuals feel safe to give and receive feedback.
  6. Active Listening and Empathy:
    Enhance your active listening skills and practice empathy to better understand the perspectives and emotions of those giving and receiving feedback.
  7. Managing Emotional Responses:
    Learn strategies for managing emotional responses during feedback conversations, both as a giver and a receiver.
  8. Turning Feedback into Action:
    Explore techniques for turning feedback into actionable insights and concrete steps for improvement.
  9. Providing Positive Reinforcement:
    Understand the importance of providing positive reinforcement and recognition alongside constructive feedback.
  10. Continuous Learning and Growth:
    Embrace feedback as a catalyst for continuous learning, growth, and professional development.

Join us for an engaging and interactive lunchtime talk where you’ll gain practical skills, valuable insights, and actionable strategies to navigate feedback conversations with confidence and effectiveness. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your feedback skills and contribute to a culture of excellence in your workplace!

More Information:

Duration: 60 minutes

Fees: $1299.97 USD 1,019.96 

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